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Website development & design

Grow up you business with us fast!
We have wide experiece more than 10 years in web site development and
any complexity design services.
With us you can be sure, you’ll get high quality for short time!
We provide best services for our clients!
Here you can order web site on WordPress and design!
  • WordPress website development: Landing page, Corporate site, Catalog site, E-Commerce
  • Website design, redesign
  • HTML 5 banners, web banners design
  • Logo, icons, illustrations design
  • Commercial retouching and RAW files development
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Landing page

Quick and reliable solution for your businness presentation 

Corporate site1

Corporate site

Best way to tell world about your company and your business.

Product Catalog site

Catalog site

Show all your products and services to whole world and manage your sales outside of  web site.

E commerce1


Sell products with your E-Commerce web site. Make users experience quick, easy, reliable and fun!


Custom site

CMS power not enough? You’re thinking about custom solution ? Then custom web site is your choise.

Design 1


Do you need design & retouch service? Entrust your design and retouch to experts.

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More about our services

design development 1

Website Design

We provide a design service from scratch, starting from the logo and branding, ending with a ready website design with practical UX / UI, beautiful photos , icons, graphics for the site and social networks. We also do website design based on  CMS WordPress.

Website Design

Мы делаем дизайн кастомных сайтов в Figma, и интерактивный прототип в Figma. Это могут быть как магазины, сервисы, личные кабинеты, так и дизайн e-mail рассылок, баннеров, оформления соцсетей и т.п. Также мы делаем дизайн для сайтов на CMS WordPress.

Logo & BRANDINg, illustrations

We design original logos, signs, symbols, icons, backgrounds, patterns, branding elements. We also draw original illustrations for your projects.

photo retouch & photomontage

We provide photo development from RAW files, color, light/shadow correction, retouch photos of Items from different materials, clothes, shoes, real estate, interiors, landscapes, portraits. We remove the background, add shadows and repaint the objects into different color samples. We also do quality photo collages.

web developer 1

Website Development

We provide web site development from scratch on WordPress, Node JS, ASP.NET Core, React JS and Angular. We support any complexity of solutions and make reliable and clean code. We belive that only with close collaboration with client possible to create best solution.

Wordpress fit for...

CMS WordPress best fit for business, where PHP power is enough and in same time need fast development and reliable solution for Ecommerce, booking and any site where no need complex DB structure and multithreading. Main advantage of WP is huge community, stable packages, incredible plugins and amazing admin dashboard. But with strength of WP and popylarity, about 30% of all sites in the world, comes understanding that many hackers wants to crack WP. And here on scene appears security expert, who prevent your data to be stolen, and save your time, nervеs and money.

Custom website fit for...

Where need power of REST API, GRAPHQL and more strong security than cookies can provide on scene appears NodeJS and ASP.NET Core. Multithreading, compilation, powerful security and in same time big community and popularity. If you need most secure application and you want to hide your code from another people while development process goes then your decision have to be or NodeJS either ASP.NET.

Maintenance and Care

We belive that only VPS can provide full control over development and maintenance processes. So for our clients we provide  support only on our VPS machines. But of course Shared Hosting much cheapest and many people don’t understand why they have to pay more if they don’t see difference. We can compare VPS with your personal car and in same time shared hosting like big city bus and all common issues will be your issues also.

Development process

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Brief, idea of future product, technical tasks and development specifications

provide deposit

Provide Deposit

To be fair to everyone, we will require some payment up front to keep vested interest by both parties.



Prototyping of workflow, pages, sections, blocks, navigation and functional of future product

Design and development

Design and Development

Design and development pages, blocks, sections, elements and interfaces



Production presentation of product, minor changes and finalization, final changes

Final payment

Final payment

Once the site is published and live on the internet we will send a detailed invoice for you to look over and complete the final payment.


Product Deployment

Product deployment (optional)

Care and support


Product care and support (optional)

Featured Work

Landing page

Computer Help service

Web site have built on WordPress.

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