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Web site care plans

What do we offer

server hosting security DevOps vps

All in One Secure VPS + WP box

Standard NGINX VPS features:
Free unlimited A+ grade SSL Letsencrypt certificate
Setup HTTPS everywhere
Setup HTTPS only
Setup CSP
Settings to prevent (XSS, XSRF, Brutforce…)
Badbots surfing prevention
Hide WP and plugins (base)
Malicious users penetration prevention (ip block, limited login retry)
PHP version (7.4)
WP version (latest)
Startup WP settings
“Open ticket” support








server hosting data options

Paid, optional features:

Daily WP backups (no plugins)
Daily VPS backups
Custom schedule backups (no plugins)
Setup your domain if exist ( for Hostinger, Namecheap only)
Setup CloudFlare CDN
Setup SMTP
Setup server for work with Cache plugin
Setup cache plugin on site (WPRocket, WPSuperCache)
Additional plugin installation
Additional plugin setup
Additional custom VPS settings
Hide WP and plugins (advanced)








hosting web site tech support


– HTTP not allowed
– don’t support WP multisites
– 1 VPS – 1 web site
– all VPS features checked and work on Ubuntu 18.04
– don’t setup and support mail servers

We don’t support any kind of Shared Hostings, because in this case your site is under control of web hosting’s administrators only. We use VPS for development and tech support because only in this case we have full control over the machine and site. Only with VPS we can guarantee maximal server and web site security. And for commercial and enterprise we recommend to use only VPS. So if you choose our tech support you’ll get stable and secure All in One VPS + WP + Security package.
If you don’t need our tech support and VPS/site control, then we provide to you site backup and after it you can ask your hosting provider to locate you site.

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