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HTML5 banner design

HTML5-banners – only the actual format of a full-fledged animated banner ads. The HTML5-animated banners can be displayed without restriction in any browser on the screen of any device, including smartphones, tablets and TV media. This is the cross-platform and their versatility. For the customer to use HTML5-banner means, above all, the expansion of audience coverage without loss. This is the best format that attracts the user’s attention, and even interact with it (interactive banner). They are accepted by all major advertising networks, and they can also be placed on any site, e-commerce platform to attract visitors and increase sales. HTML5 banners have a variety of animation features, they are also interactive, they respond to mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, etc. They can be adapted to various sizes of advertisements.
Currently, HTML5 banners are the only relevant format for full-fledged animated banner ads. This universal cross-platform format has replaced Flash-banners, which had a number of limitations and shortcomings.

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