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Icons & Illustrations

Icons & illustrations

Icons on the site are an indispensable element of any UI design, not inferior in importance even to fonts, simple, concise, but at the same time very expressive. However, in practice, few people are developing their own icons for each web project. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to search for icons that are suitable in quality and design, as well as their adaptation and restyling. With the help of icons it is easy to draw the visitor’s attention to any section of the site or convey important information to it.

Icons can be divided into several types according to the purpose of their use.

Icons for navigation. From the name it’s clear that these icons are needed to make it easier for people to navigate the site. The arrow, for example, speaks for itself. Heading up, it suggests going to the top of the page, and down to the bottom. Two arrows pointing to the right are used to indicate a link or to go to the internal pages of a site. Other symbols are also popular: the icon with the cart redirects a person to the basket, the envelope to the section with contacts, and the Twitter, Facebook or Vkontakte buttons to pages on social networks.

Information icons. Icons are not necessarily links. With their help, you can show what services you provide, talk about key company values or the advantages of your product, as well as illustrate the products themselves. It is advisable to add small descriptions to such icons. For example: illustration of a truck, and nearby – delivery information. Or a piggy bank – and a short text about how your product helps reduce costs. Think about what you want to tell customers, find relevant illustrations, and explain what they mean.

Call-to-action icons. They should be used with caution, because people do not always correctly understand their meaning. The thick arrow in the circle can be interpreted both as “Download” and “Down”. The “+” icon also has several common meanings – both “Add to Cart” and “Learn More Information”. If you use such symbols as buttons, we recommend adding short labels to them – for greater clarity.

Web Design Illustrations basic definition:

1) To make clear;

2) To make clear by giving or by serving as an example or instance;

3) To provide with visual features intended to explain or decorate

Illustrations in web design not only decorate, but also carry an emotional and functional-semantic load. Now it is a fashion trend.

The cost of icons and illustrations depends on a number of parameters:  

  • detailing;
  • stylistics;
  • complexity of forms, etc.

Below is the price list for orientation. We determine the exact cost and terms after agreeing on the requirements and scope of work.

Price from $100 | 3 days


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