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Logo & Branding

Logo & branding

Logo is an element of corporate identity. Represents the outline of the full or abbreviated name of the company. In addition to letters, it may contain additional graphic elements.

Brand name – a graphic element that is usually located next to the name of the company, but can be used separately.

Descriptor – signature to the logo, explaining the scope of the organization.

We develop logos and brands for any task: for business and non-profit projects, for offline stores and online platforms, for startups and personal brands.

We design logos without using template, standard solutions. In the process of creating a logo, we make many sketches and work through dozens of options. Then we filter out all that is superfluous and offer a choice of individually developed concepts that have been pre-selected and meet the specifics and character of the brand.

We understand how important the result is, because the logo is the first element of the visual brand identification system. If the name is the name, then the logo is the person by which the target audience identifies the brand and distinguishes it from competitors.

The principles of our work in creating logos and brands, brand elements:

  • Uniqueness – we synthesize original ideas and create our own signs, and do not copy ready-made and standard solutions.
  • Laconicism – we are looking for the most concise, concise solution with the maximum information content. The logo differs from the illustration in its maximum brevity, graphic and informative.
  • Relevance – we develop logos and signs taking into account the specifics of the market segment, the nature of the brand, and the target audience.
  • Universality – when developing a logo, we take into account the ways of placing the sign and the prospects for the development of the brand.
  • Associativity – we create visual images that are endowed with an internal meaning and cause the necessary association

The cost of the logo depends on a number of parameters:  

  • number of options;
  • number of language versions of the logo;
  • availability of full and shortened versions;
  • the presence of a descriptor, and other conditions. Below is the price order for orientation. We determine the exact cost and terms after agreeing on the requirements and scope of work.

Price from $150 | 3 days


Our logo design process

customer survey, brief

1. Briefing, instruction

The most important stage is the idea and brief for the logo creation, which indicates all the conditions and wishes.


2. Context analysis

We study the scope and competitive environment, analyze the nature and positioning of the brand.


3. Ideas and meanings generation

We select associations, look for the most appropriate metaphors for the brand.

design thinking shapes

4. Work with forms

We put the meanings in a graphic form, we are looking for the best graphic expression of the essence of the brand.

logo design type typography

5. Work with typography

We find the style for the font component, we work out the letter spacing.

elements composition

6. Work with composition

We think through compositional solutions for various carriers and use cases.

color palette

7. Work with colors

We find a color solution, select a color palette for digital and offline environments.

design data finalization

8. Concept finalization

We demonstrate the options and refine the selected logo concept based on feedback.

How good logo should look like

Lashes logo, sign

It is easy to read and well understood both in grayscale and in color.

It should look equally good both on the pages of the website and printed in the press or in the form of a trade sign. The information that the logo carries must be accurate, easy and quick to read. The simplest and most effective solution in this case is to draw the trademark as simple as possible. Simple, but by no means primitive.

Elephant logo, sign for children's studios, schools, organizations, toy shops, playgrounds and centers, symbol of mind, training, reliability, fun, protection, memory, force

Easy to remember

In a successful design, as a rule, easily recognizable elements are used that evoke an emotional response from the one who looks on it. And a person always remembers better what he experiences emotionally. It is necessary to create a brand so that it evokes emotions.








Modern flat logo for sushi, set, roll, Japanese and Asian food 200

To be long-term

Serious companies, as a rule, do not radically change their brand name and logo, but only slightly change it.

Christian faith angel, pigeon symbol

The logo should attract attention

The logo should be bright, catchy, evoke emotions – then it will be remembered

flower rose logo for beauty salon, beauty shop, spa-salon, flower shop

The logo must be unique

A good logo should be unique. If you just download a picture from the Internet, then there is no guarantee that hundreds more people will not download the same picture. Therefore, all graphics should be created specifically for your logo.








Astrology logo double moon symbol, trendy style and original concept

Must be creative

To draw a brand name, you need to use all your creativity. This is a search for innovative solutions, the collapse of established stereotypes, the ability to look at things from all possible sides. But everything, even creative, is good in moderation. You can’t lose ground by turning a trademark into a set of symbols that no one understands.

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