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Photo retouch & Photomontage

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Color correction – Color correction is the technical processing of the original file (photo print, RAW, drawing, etc.) for the best image transmission, taking into account the placement method, reproducing technique, and other requirements. Color correction improves the gradation characteristics of the originals, sharpness, color characteristics, eliminates technical defects after scanning the originals, and corrects the disadvantages of color separation.

Retouching –  is an additional manual or electronic processing of an image to eliminate defects, change its geometric, gradation, color and frequency characteristics. Retouching is always classified by material: the retouching skills of leather, fabric, glass and plastic, metal, wood, hair and fur have their own secrets and specifics.

Photo montage —  is the process and result of combining several photos into a single composition. This technique is very often used in advertising, creating banners, etc. Using photo montage you can:

  • Change the background of the photo;
  • Remove or add objects from other images;
  • Combine two or more photos into one.

Who needs a retouch:

  • Online stores – your products will appear in a new light, and you can not waste time constantly searching for a retoucher;
  • Photographers – using our service, a photographer frees up to 50 days for himself every year;
  • Bloggers – with the service, any blogger will be able to quickly prepare his photo content for publication;
  • Jewelry stores – our processing will emphasize all the beauty of your products, and detailed retouching will eliminate any speck of dust in the photo;
  • Magazines – retouching of any complexity will be done on time and taking into account all your wishes;
  • Travelers – now your travel photo archives will not just gather dust on disks, and you can show them to the world;
  • People who want to fix and improve the photo.

The cost of a photo retouch depends on a number of parameters:  

  • Migration of a file from RAW to TIFF format (JPEG) – from $ 2;
  • Standard color correction (white balance, color, light-shadow, sharpness) – from $ 2;
  • Complex color correction (selective color, light and density corrections, masking) – from $ 12;
  • Complex processing, photo montage – from $ 35;
  • Photo clipping, background removal, background replacement, including using curves – from $ 2;
  • Adding shadows, reflections of objects – from $ 2;
  • Repainting of garments, shoes, interior, etc. in accordance with the submitted samples – from $ 5 per photo;

The price list is for reference only. We determine the exact cost and terms after agreeing on the requirements and scope of work.

Price from $2 | 1 day


Our photo retouch advantages

wide experience

1. Wide experience

We have professional retouchers with more than 10 years of experience. These are professionals with a strong theoretical and practical systematic training base in this area. 

modern technologies

2. Modern technologies

We use only modern non-destructive retouching technologies: adjustment layers, frequency decomposition method, smart objects. We work on professional graphic tablets.


services fill forms

3. Wide range of services

We provide retouching of items by type of material (fabric, leather, glass, metal, etc.), development of raw files, replacing and removing the background, adding a shadow, retouching real estate, look book, portraits, interiors retouch, photo montage.

money Savings profit

4. Value for money

We provide excellent quality and embody all possible wishes of the client with the reasonable price, get the balance between labor costs and client interests.

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