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Web banners design

Web banners design, websites, social networks

Web banner is a graphic image or text block of an advertising nature, which is a hyperlink to a web page with an extended description of a product or service. Banners are placed on web pages to attract visitors (potential customers) or to create an image. It must meet the image of the company, and its visual part should attract visitors to familiarize themselves with the advertised product.

Banners can be either HTTML5, static or animated. The effect of movement is achieved by quickly changing several images on the banner. Animation draws the user’s attention to the banner, which allows to increase its effectiveness as an advertising medium.

A banner is often the first thing a visitor sees on a site. By the quality of its design, originality of the idea, technical execution, the user makes the first opinion about the advertised site or products. This impression can be a decisive factor in the decision to visit the site. The fact that a poor-quality banner can harm the image of the company is obvious.

There are four main tasks that a banner should solve:

  • Attract attention. If he did not attract attention, then contact with the client will not occur. This is the initial result of displaying the banner, since it does not benefit the image of the company and does not affect website traffic;
  • Interest. The client should want to consider the banner closely and feel interest in the advertised site or product;
  • Push to go to the site. A certain element of understatement, lack of information in the banner should lead to the transition to the site for more complete information;
  • Motivation for action. The ultimate goal of advertising should be the purchase of a product or service. The customer’s motivation to purchase should be incorporated into the advertising appeal.
    A potential customer may be offered (explained, imposed) a motive to make a purchase.

With all the variety of online advertising tools, banner advertising is the most common and effective on the Internet.

The cost of the banner depends on a number of parameters:  

  • type of banner;
  • number of resizes;
  • graphics used in the banner;
  • the amount of content and duration of the animation, and other conditions. Below is the price order for orientation. We determine the exact cost and terms after agreeing on the requirements and scope of work.

Price from $50 | 1 day


Types of Web Banners


1. HTML5 banner

HTML5-banners – only the actual format of a full-fledged animated banner ads. The HTML5-animated banners can be displayed without restriction in any browser on the screen of any device, including smartphones, tablets and TV media. This is the cross-platform and their versatility. For the customer to use HTML5-banner means, above all, the expansion of audience coverage without loss. This is the best format that attracts the user’s attention, and even interact with it (interactive banner).


2. PNG banner

PNG (Portable Network Graphics), in PNG format can store full-color images (photos). The compression ratio higher than the GIF, but the difference is very large (5-20%). There is support for transparency, but does not support animation. PNG uses lossless compression.


3. JPEG banner

JPG, aka JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) – is the most common format for storing images and photographs. The main disadvantage – the format uses lossy compression. The more often the JPG file is saved, the worse its quality – even if you’re using maximum quality for saving.
On the other hand, the higher the compression, the less space will occupy the file that it was very important for the Internet of the 2000s. Today, the Internet fast and unlimited, but JPG is still in demand.


4. GIF banner

Any GIF-animation – a coherent set of frames of images as well as video files. GIF-file can contain information about the speed of playback frame and the number of repetitions. Accordingly, his opportunities are limited. GIF-Banner does not know how to work with vector graphics, to respond to user input, create an animation software, to adapt to the size you want and more, with which easily handles HTML5-animated banner. GIF-banner display is suitable for multiple static frames, possibly with a small animation of text, buttons, or change photos. In this case, the total weight of GIF-Banner does not go beyond the requirements of advertising platforms.

Examples of our banners:

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